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NIIN Alumni Update Spotlight on Akul Sharma

Akul Sharma ('18) now works as a neuroimaging data analyst at UC Irvine studying the effects of childhood maltreatment on neurocircuitry in adolescent depression and on ways to prevent adolescent risk-taking behaviors in African American youth.

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NIIN Alumni Update Spotlight on Arvin Saremi

Arvin Saremi (’17) has coauthored four journal articles based on research he conducted with the INI’s Neda Jahanshad, PhD, during his master’s program, and is now a medical student at Case Western Reserve University, a top-25 ranked medical school for research.

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Commencement 2019: Spotlight on Elizabeth Haddad

For Elizabeth Haddad, a graduate of the NIIN program’s Class of 2019, finding time to conduct compelling research was a natural and crucial part of her graduate education.

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Commencement 2019: Spotlight on Jonathan Vanhoecke

Before moving to Los Angeles to attend the NIIN program, Jonathan Vanhoecke already had conducted neuroscience research in Belgium, the United Kingdom (at University College London) and France (at Sorbonne University).

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NIIN Student Joins LAPD

NIIN student Faisal Rashid was sworn in as the Los Angeles Police Department’s first officer of Bangladeshi descent through its reserve program

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