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Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI)

At the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI), we strive to improve our understanding of the brain in health and disease. LONI is a leader in the development of advanced computational algorithms and scientific approaches for the comprehensive and quantitative mapping of brain structure and function.

LONI was originally established to study cerebral metabolism with the goal of understanding the relationship between brain structure and function using image data. Work progressed into three-dimensional reconstruction and visualization. This enabled the study of functional anatomy in the same geometric configuration as that found in the living animal. As these reconstructions became more sophisticated, their application to computational atlases became possible.

The construction of brain atlases based on detailed representations of anatomy in a standardized 3D coordinate system is the major focus. The Laboratory addresses the problem of comparing data across individuals as well as across modalities and increased work in humans began. Work is focused on statistical manipulation of the geometry that makes up the anatomic functional data sets as well as sophisticated visualizations permitting the communication of the results.

Website: http://loni.usc.edu/

Imaging Genetics Center (IGC)

The USC Imaging Genetics Center develops mathematically innovative and highly computational methods to use the dense detailed data available from imaging and genomics to map variation in the brain and expand our understanding of brain health and disease.

Website: http://igc.ini.usc.edu/

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